Our Story

We are a group of people who simply believe in being healthy and fit. We also believe it is everybody’s responsibility to take care of themselves and their bodies, physically and mentally. One of the most ignored aspects of fitness seems to be nutrition and eating well. More and more people are hitting the gym today, which is great but a lot of people are forgetting that true fitness and health is achieved in the kitchen. Most people don’t eat healthy. They simply just don’t have the time or knowledge. It is so much easier to just stop by somewhere and order food but typically those places aren’t very nutritious and can become very expensive over time. It was on this principle that ViFit was born. Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle and help people achieve their health goals through our food service. We want to provide the knowledge and the service for people to eat healthy.In truth we don’t want to only work on meal planning. We love cooking and delivering meals, but we are always working towards expanding our services and what we offer to people while keeping true to the belief of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and keep a look out for all the new things happening here at ViFit.

ViFit Life Meals