Frequently asked questions

We deliver 2 times a week, on Sunday and Wednesday

Sorry, if you aren’t home we give your food away to someone else. Lol, we don’t do that. Seriously though, we have a lot of deliveries to make and other customers waiting for us, so we won’t be able to wait around too much. We will place your meals at your doorstep or preferred place of delivery, and send you a picture of your delivery. Make sure you refrigerate your meals as soon as possible!

The Vi-Fit brand prides itself on being flexible and responsive to your needs. Just let us know, and we will remove any ingredient you are allergic to from your meals. We would also make sure to prepare your food separately to avoid any contamination.

Hey, we understand, there are somethings that just don’t go down. Any food that you particularly dislike, please just let us know and we will make sure that your meals don’t have them. We want you to enjoy getting healthy =).

Reach out to us! The Vi-Fit team will always try to go that extra mile for our customers (see what we did there?).

You don’t! Our signup form is automated and so is a lot of things in our system, so just give us a heads up. We can split it between the both of you, or charge just one.

We require payment before or when we deliver your meals. You can pay by card online through our e-commerce. It also worth noting that the day you pay for your meals is the same day your card will get charged for the following week.

Our cut-off date is Friday midnight, and we start all new sign ups on Sunday. This means that if you sign up before Saturday we can start you on the upcoming cycle, otherwise, you will be scheduled for the following week. This system helps us keep better track of customer’s meals and payments.

We wish you wouldn’t! But if you must cancel, we ask that you do so before the new cycle starts. This means you need to cancel on or before Saturday by 6pm, because we already buy the ingredients for your meals by then.

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